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      A good quality epoxy floor paint is also directly related to the service life of the product, so in the construction, we also need to pay attention to the usual maintenance, only the combination of the two can better extend the service life of epoxy floor paint. Substrate treatment method for new epoxy floor paint substrate, such as a processing method: (1)处理上的:进步地面整体平整度,去除浮层及污物,获得均一的粗拙表面以利于涂层附着

      (1) Treatment: Improve the overall smoothness of the ground, remove floating layer and dirt, and obtain uniform rough surface to facilitate coating adhesion.


      (2) processing equipment: self suction ground grinding machine, vacuum cleaner and so on.


      (3) requirements: to achieve solid ground, no sand holes, holes. At the same time, it requires dry, clean, no floating dust, oil dirt, cement sand and other debris.


      (4) Procedure: Use the ground grinding machine to grind the whole once - - absorb the dust - - repair large holes, depressions and cracks. For old floor coatings, if the old coatings are not firmly adhered to, it is necessary to use a ground milling machine to remove the old coatings as a whole (the old coatings below 1 mm thickness can be treated with diamond cutters). Because of the high cost of treatment, if customers do not require the whole removal of the coatings, only loose old coatings will be removed, and surface oil and sundries will be removed.

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