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      建筑物和室内的地板面层和建筑地面经常直接承载高的机械作用力,所以必须具备很多重要的功能。相比较于其他的建筑部件,所以环氧地坪漆必须可以承受交通荷载。 如果人们习惯地认为地面就是要“脚踏实地”地站稳,那么计划建造在地面的结构层和地面覆盖材料就必须具备可靠的物理机械性能。实际上,这包括了:防潮、隔声和隔热。除了结构方面,作为一个专业的环氧地坪漆施工从业者也需要考虑环氧地坪安装的美观需求。由于市场上持续不断地出现新型地板覆盖材料,尤其一些先进的高科技材料的涌现,这就打开了一个“无限的”令人赞叹的室内装饰新世界。为了满足环氧地坪漆不同材料、结构和客户的要求,作为一名专业人士或从业人员必需熟悉和了解已发布的众多各类标准、技术规范和指导的情况。

      Buildings and indoor floors and building floors often bear high mechanical forces directly, so they must have many important functions. Compared with other building components, epoxy floor paint must be able to withstand the traffic load. If people are accustomed to think that the ground is to stand "down-to-earth", then the planned structure layer and ground covering material must have reliable physical and mechanical properties. In fact, this includes moisture-proof, sound insulation and heat insulation. In addition to the structure, as a professional epoxy floor paint construction practitioners also need to consider the aesthetic needs of floor installation. Because of the continuous emergence of new floor covering materials in the market, especially some advanced high-tech materials, this opens up a "infinite" amazing new world of interior decoration. In order to meet the requirements of different materials, structures and customers of epoxy floor paint, it is necessary for a professional or practitioner to be familiar with and understand the various standards, technical specifications and guidance issued. 

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