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      Steel pipe is widely used in industrial production to install corresponding parts and infrastructure. For the boiler industry and related industries, ND steel pipe is one of the most important steel pipes. The quality of ND steel pipe affects the efficiency and productivity of the whole boiler. What are the shapes and requirements of ND steel pipe? Next, we make a comprehensive analysis from the shape and some chemical components of ND steel pipe: dimensional accuracy and geometric dimensions of ND steel pipe mainly include the outer diameter, wall thickness, length, bending degree, end-face shear slope, groove angle and blunt edge of ND steel pipe, cross-sectional dimension of heterosexual steel pipe, etc. The requirement of "smooth surface" of ND steel pipe is stipulated in the surface quality standard. 因此厂家积极推进措施进行改革。nd钢管行业已开工项目510个,在建项目总投资2699亿元。
      Therefore, manufacturers actively promote measures for reform. The ND steel pipe industry has started 510 projects, with a total investment of 269.9 billion yuan.

      Among them, 30 million tons of iron-making capacity are under construction, 28 million tons are under design and 17 million tons are planned for construction; 22 million tons of steel-making capacity are under construction, 10 million tons are under design and 17 million tons are planned for construction.

      If all these projects are put into operation, the domestic total capacity of ironmaking and steelmaking will reach 915 million tons and 1.02 billion tons respectively, and the capacity of converted ND steel pipe will reach 1 billion tons. At present, the productivity utilization rate of ND steel pipe in China has reached the internationally recognized edge of surplus or saturation.

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