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      The key to the construction of epoxy self-leveling floor is the condition of cement base, which directly affects whether the coating can be firmly attached to the base and whether the coating surface is smooth and beautiful. Therefore, the following suggestions for cement ground construction are put forward for reference. 1. It is required that the concrete label should be no less than C25, the cement base surface is hard, no shell, no empty drum, no powder sand phenomenon.


      2. The surface of cement floor is required to be flat. The flatness of epoxy resin self-leveling floor depends mainly on the flatness of the original cement floor.


      3. Reliable waterproof layer should be made before concrete ground construction.


      4. The gradient should meet the design requirements. The allowable deviation is 0.2% of the gradient, not more than 30 mm.


      5. When pouring cement ground, the original slurry should be absorbed, and the cement ash should be avoided. It is suggested that the polishing machine be used to collect the light so as to ensure the surface strength and smoothness of the cement ground.


      6. Maintenance of concrete ground in time after completion of construction.


      7. Avoid oil pollution and other chemicals contamination during the maintenance of cement ground. 

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