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      Epoxy self-leveling floor paint is mainly made of special epoxy resin with 100% solid content as binder, which is green, environmentally friendly, glossy, one-time film-forming thickness, toughness and abrasion resistance of paint film. It is an electric paint with high cleanliness requirement. Ideal floor painting system for sub-enterprises and pharmaceutical enterprises. Epoxy self-leveling floor paint is a relatively high-grade floor paint product, its main characteristics are high cleanliness, beautiful, environmental protection, high construction efficiency. But if the construction process is not properly operated, there will be quality problems, even rework, waste of manpower and material resources. Then what details should be noticed in the construction of epoxy self-leveling floor paint? The following epoxy floor paint manufacturers will give you a detailed description.1、首先确定地面是否适合直接做环氧自流平地坪漆,如果基层落差过大那么需要先打磨处理,2平方米内落差>3毫米地面不平、 2平方米内落差<=3毫米 地面合格 、2-3平米内落差>=5-10毫米严重不平。

      1. Firstly, determine whether the ground is suitable for making epoxy self-leveling floor paint directly. If the base level drop is too large, it needs to be polished first. The drop within 2 square meters is more than 3 mm, the drop within 2 square meters is less than 3 mm, the drop within 2-3 square meters is less than 3 mm, and the drop within 2-3 square meters is more than 5-10 mm.2、环氧自流平地坪漆施工现场门窗封闭严密,施工现场应为封闭空间。施工区域不得交叉施工。否则会因为灰尘、昆虫等杂物落在表面涂层导致环氧自流平地坪漆表面粗糙不平整。

      2. The doors and windows of the construction site of epoxy self-leveling floor paint are tightly sealed, and the construction site should be a closed space. No cross-over construction is allowed in the construction area. Otherwise, because of dust, insects and other debris falling on the surface coating, the surface of epoxy self-leveling floor paint is rough and uneven.3、环氧自流平地坪漆施工温度≥5℃,若要在<5℃施工的,选用特殊配方。湿度建议在75%以下施工。施工时确保空气流通。调制使用量时,不能超过30分钟。防止环氧自流平地坪漆出现不干、表面发白的问题。

      3. The construction temperature of epoxy self-leveling floor paint is above 5 C. If the construction temperature is below 5 C, special formulation should be selected. Humidity is recommended below 75%. Ensure air circulation during construction. The modulation dosage should not exceed 30 minutes. Prevent the problem of non-drying and surface whitening of epoxy self-leveling floor paint.4、为了避免环氧自流平地坪漆发花、表面起粉等问题的发生,水泥基自流平砂浆施工时应严格控制加水量,施工时应先确定标准的加水量,并设专人称量加水,保证材料在整个施工过程中加水量一致,同时也要保证每桶材料搅拌时间大致相当,保证搅拌充分和均匀。

      4. In order to avoid the problems of paint blooming and surface powder on epoxy self-leveling floor, the amount of water added should be strictly controlled during the construction of cement-based self-leveling mortar. The standard amount of water added should be determined first, and a special person should be set to add water to ensure that the amount of water added in the whole construction process is the same, and the stirring of each barrel of material should also be ensured. The mixing time is approximately the same to ensure that the mixing is adequate and even. 

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