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      More than ten years after its introduction into China, epoxy floor paint has gradually matured and popularized from research and development to application. From industrial floors directly oriented to factory applications to pavement, shopping malls, schools and now home decoration. The reason why epoxy flooring is so widely used in China is closely related to its nature and characteristics. a.施工简便。环氧地坪施工只需要在普通水泥环氧地坪进行数次涂抹,施工完毕后数天内即可通行使用,是要求时间紧迫的大型工厂、超市的不二选择。

      A. Simple construction. The construction of epoxy flooring only needs to be applied several times on ordinary cement flooring. It can be used within a few days after completion of construction. It is a good choice for large factories and supermarkets that require urgent time.


      B. Beautiful appearance. Epoxy floor paint has various colours, bright colours and is not easy to fade. Some varieties are designed for skid resistance and wear resistance. The design can increase the user's selectivity and flexible construction according to the specific needs, making it more acceptable for modern people who pay attention to personality and fashion.


      C. Easy to clean. Because of the rough and uneven problems, the ordinary cement floor is not easy to clean, and it is difficult to meet certain cleaning standards. The floor tile floor is more difficult to clean because of the gap. The overall coating characteristics of the epoxy floor have solved the above problems.


      Make the cleaning more convenient and efficient, and the effect is better.


      D. Strong and durable. The wear resistance and firmness of a single cement floor can not reach the factory environment. On the basis of cement ground, the use of floor materials can enhance the adhesion of cement ground and make the ground more solid.

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