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      The construction quality of epoxy floor paint can be summarized as follows: construction scheme, base material, machinery, human and environment. The two most important factors are base material and environment. The most basic factor of epoxy floor construction is base material. The strength of base material and the adhesion of coating will directly affect the service life of construction floor, so the condition of base material. Be important. The so-called epoxy floor is a kind of high-strength, wear-resistant and beautiful floor. The floor with this special technology has the advantages of seamless, solid texture, good resistance, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dust-proof, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost, etc. The high-quality environmental protection floor has a close relationship with its construction technology and quality, especially It is the treatment method of epoxy floor surface, not only every link of the treatment method can not make mistakes, but also the treatment steps can not be disorderly, otherwise the quality of epoxy floor will not be guaranteed. 1、基层的附着物。在水泥基层表面一般都会有施工中的水泥尘埃,建议在施工前将其清除。

      1. Attachments at the grass-roots level. In general, there will be cement dust in construction on the surface of cement base. It is suggested that it be removed before construction.


      2. Environmental conditions. Environmental conditions refer to the environmental factors that play an important role in the quality characteristics of the project. They often have a specific impact on the quality of the project. The temperature of the construction environment is controlled between 10 and 35 degrees, and the temperature is not too high or too low. It is advisable that the relative humidity of air is less than 75%.


      3. Base strength. Insufficient strength can easily cause the floor coating and base material to be pulled apart, or the ground to be destroyed because it cannot withstand pressure. It is generally required that the compressive strength of the base material be greater than 25 MPa.


      4. Base smoothness. The unevenness of the base surface will affect the adhesion between the base material and the paint, so it should be tested beforehand. Generally, the gap under the ruler is measured by a 2-meter ruler and a plug ruler, which is flat below 3 mm.


      5. Drying degree of grass-roots. The ground of concrete and mortar must be dry, because if it contains water, it will reduce the linking strength between coating and base layer, and also lead to delamination, bubbling and other film defects.


      In the construction of epoxy floor paint, the common substrates are concrete, cement mortar, terrazzo and steel, but the construction quality has always been our most important, so what are the factors affecting the construction quality? The construction workers of epoxy floor paint think that the main reasons affecting the construction quality of epoxy floor paint are as follows.

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