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      近几年,自流平环氧地坪在目前装修中十分的流行,目前,自流平环氧地坪的种类很多,而环氧防静电自流平地坪则是新型的一种,从字面就能了解到,这种地坪有防静电的效果,所以,更加的受人们的关注,那么,防静电自流平地坪怎么样?施工工艺又是怎么样的呢,下面来看看详细介绍。相信大家对于防静电自流平地坪有了一定的了解, 家居,防静电自流平地坪不仅外表好看,而且性能更好,所以,选购防静电自流平地坪是不错的,另外,环氧防静电自流平地坪在进行施工时不能大意,一定要按照方法来操作。

      In recent years, self-leveling floor is very popular in the current decoration. At present, there are many kinds of self-leveling floor, and epoxy anti-static self-leveling floor is a new type of floor. Literally, it can be seen that this floor has anti-static effect. Therefore, people pay more attention to it. So, how about the construction technology of anti-static self-leveling floor? What about it? Let's take a look at the details below. I believe that you have a certain understanding of anti-static self-leveling floor, home, anti-static self-leveling floor not only looks good, but also has better performance, so it is good to choose anti-static self-leveling floor, in addition, epoxy anti-static self-leveling floor in construction can not be careless, must be operated in accordance with the method. 


      How about the anti-static self-leveling floor?

      1、平坦亮光,可获镜面作用;抗静电作用耐久,不受时刻、温度、湿度等影响。机械功能优秀,耐磨、耐压、耐冲击,有必定弹性;施工快捷便利;厚度 1mm 以上,可运用年限 8 年以上。请求高度清洁、漂亮、无尘、无菌及防静电的电子、微电子、通讯商品、电脑出产职业,大型精密仪器厂房等。

      1. Flat and bright light, mirror effect can be obtained; antistatic effect is durable, not affected by time, temperature, humidity and so on. Excellent mechanical function, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, certain elasticity; fast and convenient construction; thickness of more than 1 mm, can be used for more than 8 years. Request highly clean, beautiful, dust-free, aseptic and anti-static electronic, microelectronics, communications goods, computer production profession, large precision instrument plant, etc.


      2. Functional features of anti-static self-leveling flooring: excellent and durable anti-static effect, not affected by time, temperature and humidity. Solvent-free epoxy anti-static resin and excellent curing agent are selected to make the flooring with smooth, beautiful appearance and mirror effect.


      · Acid, alkali, salt and oil corrosion resistance, especially strong alkali resistance, good wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, certain elasticity, epoxy anti-static self-leveling floor construction process:


      Construction technology of epoxy anti-static self-leveling floor:

      1、防水处理:一楼地面需已做好防水处理;素地处理: 依素地状况做好打磨、修补、除尘;防静电底漆:采用渗透性及附着力特强防静电环氧底漆滚涂一道,增强表面附着力;

      1. Waterproof treatment: the first floor should be waterproof treatment; plain treatment: according to the condition of the ground to do a good job of polishing, repairing, dust removal; anti-static primer: the use of penetration and adhesion of strong anti-static epoxy primer rolling together to enhance surface adhesion;


      2. Copper foil laying: conductive copper foil is laid by well type (horizontal and vertical not more than 6 meters), effectively eliminating accumulated static electricity and grounding treatment; ring electrostatic coating: anti-static coating will add epoxy resin to appropriate amount of quartz sand and evenly coat it with a shovel knife for one or two routes; _anti-static batch soil: anti-static batch soil should be constructed several routes according to actual needs. In order to achieve flat without holes, no batch of knife printing and sanding printing shall prevail.

      3、防静电面漆:用专用带齿镘刀直接刮涂防静电自流平面漆一道,并用带齿辊筒消泡。其体积/表面电阻平均系数值1X10^6~1X10^9Ω,完工后整体地面光亮洁净,颜色均一,无空鼓;施工完成: 24小时后方可上人,72小时后方可重压。(25℃为准,低温时开放时间需适度延长)

      3. Anti-static topcoat: Use special toothed trowel to scrape and coat one anti-static self-flow surface paint directly, and use toothed roller to defoam. The average coefficient of volume/surface resistance is 1X10 ^ 6~1X10 ^ 9. After completion, the whole ground is bright and clean, the color is uniform and there is no empty drum. (25 is the standard, the opening time should be prolonged moderately at low temperature)

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