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      From the current market of micro gear pump, you can also see that half of the annual production of high temperature gear pump in China is used to replace scrap products. Therefore, how to choose a durable, satisfactory gear pump and how to prolong the service life of gear pump have become a major concern of users. Wheel pump manufacturers to solve this problem for everyone. The structure of high temperature gear pump is similar to that of KCB gear pump, mainly consisting of gear, shaft, pump body, safety valve and shaft end seal. Gears have higher hardness and strength after heat treatment (their service life is much longer than that of ordinary gear pumps). Gears and shafts are installed in replaceable sleeves to operate together. All parts in the pump are lubricated by the medium conveyed.


      It is particularly important to improve the service life of high temperature gear pump. 1、因泵体在高温下运转,故冷态安装时配管上应设铰支座,以防升温后配管位移。

      1. Because the pump body operates at high temperature, hinged support should be installed on the piping during cold installation to prevent piping displacement after heating.


      2. The melt filter behind the outlet of the high temperature gear pump should be replaced regularly, and it should not run at high pressure or even at the upper limit of pressure for a long time.


      3. When installing the import and export pipeline, the inner wall of the pipeline should be cleaned with kerosene first.


      4. Installation outdoors, when the temperature is below - 5 C, the external insulation measures should be taken to prevent the cracking of the pump body or affect the normal operation of the pump. The base of gear pump should be fixed on a solid foundation to avoid vibration affecting the normal operation of the pump.


      5. Coupling must be heat-aligned after the pump body is heated to avoid additional torque during operation.


      6. Pump outlet pressure measurement points should be interlocked to stop alarming, otherwise, once the discharge pipeline is blocked, it will easily cause damage to the pump body.


      7. The gear and shaft can be replaced regularly, and the relative wear of the pump body is slower.


      In view of these micro gear pump manufacturers to analyze how to prolong the use time of high temperature gear pump, we need to pay attention to the use in operation, more details and use.

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