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      Epoxy self-leveling is a kind of ground construction technology. The coating used is made of epoxy resin and special curing agent as the main material. It is processed by adding various additives, pigments and fillers through strict proportioning. This construction technology can flow according to the irregularity of the ground, leveling the ground automatically and drying quickly. It not only has excellent chemical properties such as water resistance, oil pollution resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, but also has good adhesion, high mechanical strength, low shrinkage rate of cured paint film, and can be coated into thick film at one time. It has excellent practical performance and wide application range. 


      Scope of application


      Epoxy self-leveling floor is suitable for dust-free or sterile rooms in pharmaceutical industry, blood products industry, medical industry, biological research, electronics and microelectronics industry which implement GMP standard.


      It is also applicable to other industries requiring beauty, wear resistance, impact resistance and chemical protection, such as schools, offices, chemical plants, food factories, etc.


      construction technology


      The construction technology of epoxy self-leveling floor is divided into base treatment, painting closed primer, scraping middle coat, and finally self-leveling epoxy topcoat upsetting.


      Grass-roots treatment should ensure the strength of the ground, clean surface, no loose animal material, no empty drum. The ground evenness should be checked with 2 m ruler and wedge plug ruler. The allowable deviation is not more than 4 mm, and the water content should be less than 6%.


      Brushing sealing primer requires no leakage, so that the primer penetrates into the cement base. The maintenance time of primer is 12 hours. After confirming the hardening state, the next painting process is carried out.

      刮涂中层漆要涂抹均匀平整,不得漏涂。 最后一步是面漆,因材料使用的有效时间大约30分钟,涂抹应尽量迅速,要求不得漏涂,面层表面光滑、平整、无明显缺陷。

      Scraping mid-coat paint should be uniform and smooth, and should not be missed. The last step is topcoat, because the effective time of material use is about 30 minutes, the application should be as fast as possible, the requirement is not to leak out, the surface is smooth, flat, without obvious defects.


      Floor maintenance

      环氧自流平地坪施工完毕后需养护7-10天后方可投入使用,在养护期间应避免水或其它溶液浸润表面 。之后的日常清洁须用软质吸水性好的拖把或干湿两用吸尘器进行清洁。

      The epoxy self-leveling floor should be maintained for 7-10 days before it can be put into use. Water or other solution should be avoided to infiltrate the surface during the maintenance period. Daily cleaning after that should be done with a soft mop with good water absorption or a dry-wet dual-purpose vacuum cleaner.


      Secondly, every employee who enters the workshop must change into rubber-soled shoes, so as not to bring the outside sediment into the workshop and scratch the ground.

      硬物件以及机械设备在使用时须将其脚用软质塑料包裹起来、在环氧地坪上铺上硬纸箱垫底,以免在运输设备过程中刮伤地面 。

      Hard objects and machinery should be wrapped up with soft plastic when they are used, and cardboard boxes should be laid on the floor to avoid scratching the ground in the course of transportation equipment.


      Acceptance criteria

      环氧自流平环氧地坪的验收标准主要以观察表面为主,在环境温度为25℃时,施工后2-3天应达到实干,即硬度达到完成固化的80%左右 。

      The acceptance standard of epoxy self-leveling flooring is mainly to observe the surface. When the ambient temperature is 25 C, the hardness of the flooring should reach about 80% of the solidification after 2-3 days of construction.


      At this time, the surface can not appear sticky, foaming phenomenon. Surface should be smooth and smooth, no floating color, uniform color, large area of interface allowed to have very little obvious color difference.


      Construction price


      1 mm epoxy self-leveling floor: 25-32 yuan/level;


      2mm epoxy self-leveling floor: 30-45 yuan/level;


      3mm epoxy self-leveling floor: 45-65 yuan/level.

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